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We Specialize In The Designing & Detailing for H/L Pressure Process Equipments & Steel Structures For Chemicals, Petrochemical, Refineries and Oil&Gas Sectors.
Mechanical Design & Drawings
Steel Structure Design & Detailing
Design/Drawing of Testing Jigs/Fixtures
Design to CAD conversion
Shop Detail Drawings
Assembly/Erection Drawing
Preliminary Drawings and Sketches
2D CAD tracing
All types of file digitizing conversion i.e. PDF, TIFF.
Aatir Design & Detail Engineering Services (ADDES) provide a best professional and cost effective Mechanical Engineering Design & CAD Drafting and Drawing services for Mechanical Engineering and Construction Companies, Consultants, Manufacturer and Contractors working on the most prestigious projects for Oil Refineries, Chemical / Petrochemical Plants, Sugar Mills, Steel Mills, Cement Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Power Plants and specially for Oil&Gas Sector.

With the huge increment in the mechanical construction industry various companies are finding it tough to keep up with the demand of engineering staff / drafting manpower / latest equipments / software and trainings required on their projects.
Also many small manufacture & contractors do not have an inhouse engineering & CAD Service setup but still require best professional engineering presentation and detailed working drawings for the clients and for their execution teams too.

ADDES provide the perfect solution with no need to expand your office or increments in your current staff, Just outsource your Engineering Design and CAD Services requirements to be delivered with the highest of standards by our experienced CAD engineering staff and operators. Outsourcing to us reduces your overheads, increases your profit and helps you to concentrate on your future business. With vast experience in the mechanical field, ADDES is best partner for handling all of your engineering needs.
We have strong working relationships with our associates from a variety of mechanical construction related field. This flexible in-house capability, combined with our vast experience in executing supply / manufacturing & installation, allows us to provide comprehensive services ensuring continuity and timely completions. For further detail OR Inquiry. Contact Us
ADDES offers an extensive line of supply custom fabricated products i.e. Steel Bunk, Shelter, Caravan, Houses, Warehouse, Tanker, Temporary Bridges, Crossovers, etc. on Non-Profit basis to all domestic / international NGOs, organizations and other agencies, who are playing vital role for revitalization, effective citizenry, IDPs, Refugees and Nations for rehabilitation and Peace. Contact Us